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Book cruises with CDV and get credit toward any CDV Land Vacation. No gimmicks, and credit can be combined or even gifted. 

What Level Of Service Do Your Want?

We understand that some people need more service, and others are just looking for the best price and nothing more.

For those simply looking for the rock-bottom prices, there are companies that work on sheer volume, and act merely as “booking services”, and in exchange you get rebates or lots of extra onboard credit.  They do this by forfeiting a percentage of what that cruise lines pay them, and in exchange, which they may say they will offer you personal service, that will not.  They are simply booking agents, and they work on volume and spending as little time as possible with you so they can move to the next person.   If this is what you are looking for, we respect that and are happy to offer this type of service for you.

Others, however, are looking for more.  Additional advice, a person that is always there to take care of your needs. planning, help with insurance, help with possible visa and documentation issues, shore excursion planning, and someone that will take care of all of the little things that come up.  Full serviceIf this is what you are looking for, you will find no company with as much experience, nor a group of people that care about your travel as if it were there own the way we do.

Since these are two distinct types of service, we allow you to pick the one that best suits you, so read below for details:

  • Booking Only Service
  • Full Service

Booking Only Service:

With our booking service, we offer the best rates available for any cruise.  This is never a penny higher than you can get with the cruise line direct, and sometimes even lower.  In addition, we will offer an additional on board credit or Visa® Pre-paid card that you can spend any way you like.

The amount depends on the base price of your cruise, not including taxes and NCF fees:

Cruise Cost Value We Offer
$3,000+ $150
$5,000+ $250
$10,000+ $500
$20,000+ $1,500

Or you can opt for our CDV Credit Offer, which has far higher value instead.

What We Offer That Other Booking Services Do Not:

There are several online booking websites that make near identical offers.  That is why we offer it.  They are basically cruise call centers that are very difficult to get ahold of if there is an issue.  While we don’t offer full service with this offer, we are not going to abandon you if there is a problem. ( Read Here About How Most Booking Agencies Work ) We will jump into action to resolve any issues.  Additionally, be sure to read their fine print.  They only make this offer on bookings with a few specific cruise lines, and even then, only on a some sailings.  We don’t do that.  Our fine print (which is not so fine) is at the bottom of this page, and it simply makes sense.

Additionally, if you ever wish to switch to Full Service, just let us know!

Full Service

Our Full Service is truly full service.  You will find that we are  not going to take this lightly.  We will want to get to know you, your needs, your desires.  You will have one of us that will be with you throughout the process from the very beginning to well after you return from your cruise.

There is ZERO Added Service Fee – While many agencies charge a service fee for full service, we do not.

Easy Contact – Whatever you need, you will be able to text us, email us, call us.

Access to ALL Cruise Line Sales and more – Any price you ever find on a cruise line’s website is available directly through us, and we don’t charge a penny more, but we offer so much more in terms of service.  Additionally, we can often get better pricing or some added perks they will not offer directly.

Planning – We will help you with insurance needs, help make sure you don’t get ripped off, and mech more.  Flights?  We are there.  Do you want shore excursions? Do you want to plan time do go it on your own?  However you do, we will be there to help you plan as much as you need.  More importantly, when you are planning what you will do during your cruise, you have real experts that are true world travelers letting you know how to get the most out of it.  We will never cause you to get that shore excursion that costs more than it should.  Our goal is your vacation is the most it can be, and at the best value.

Price Protection – Most Cruise Lines allow us to offer you price protection, which is something you cannot get if you book directly with the cruise line. What this means is that if for any reason the cruise line offers a special sale that applies to your cruise and stateroom category that would cause the price to be lower, we can almost always get the cruise line to reduce your price to that of the sale as part of our full service offering. They will usually simply take it off of your final balance due, or when you are closer to sailing, they may offer the difference as an onboard credit.

Planning and Organizing Transfers – Often overlooked, how are you getting to and from the ship?  It is common for many ports to be far from airports, especially in Europe.  That cruise out of Rome or Venice may actually be an hour and a half from the city.  It can involve a combination of rail and car travel.  We will know and help you plan accordingly based on your preferences. 

A Detailed Itinerary Website & App – We will provide you with a website and app for your smartphone or tablet that is a “living itinerary”. It will start out with the basic framework of your cruise and itinerary. Everything we do going forward will be reflected here in real time.

Finalizing Plans – Many shore excursions cannot be reserved too far in advance. Similarly, if any of your land travel includes rail travel, this needs to be reserved closer to your travel date. We will make sure all of this is in order, we will make sure all of your visas and other document requirements are in order and even help you with packing tips.  All of this will also be reflected on the Itinerary app.

During Your Cruise – If you run into any issues with the cruise line, we are your advocates back home, and will work tirelessly to resolve them while you are sipping drinks on deck.

CDV Credit – While we do not offer the additional onboard credit or prepaid card from the chart above if you choose Full Service, we do offer our CDV Credit of us to $10,000, which has an even higher dollar value.  We are able to do this as it applies to our own direct travel experiences.

The (not so) Fine Print:

For the Booking Only Service:

  • Valid for new individual cruise bookings only.
  • Total bonus value is per stateroom.
  • Value of offer may not exceed 10% of the total price cruise, which is found on your booking confirmation under Total Charges, minus any included airfare, port charges, expenses, taxes, fees, and travel protection.
  • Offer is not valid for cancelled or rebooked cruises. 
  • Offer excludes some cruise lines that have a policy against advance rebating. 
  • Offer is not combinable with other CDV credits or promotions 
  • Offer may not be combinable with other credits, discounts, or promotional offers, with the exception of Cruise Line National promotions.
  • The onboard Spending will be issued to your onboard account on the day of embarkation. 
  • If you choose the Prepaid Card, it will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks after the end of your cruise.
  • This offer has no cash value.
  • This offer is not redeemable for cash
  • This offer is not transferable
  • The onboard spending cannot be used in the ship’s casino.
  • The onboard credit will expire if not used on or before the final night of cruise. 

For Full Service:

There are no restrictions, however there are some for the CDV Credit. Click here to read them

search & book online:

Why Always Book with CDV:

Book cruises with CDV and you can get a credit of up to $10,000 for each cruise to use toward any CDV land vacation!  Click here for more info.

In addition to the CDV Tour credit, we have special offers you cannot get directly from the cruise lines on thousands of sailings every year. When you search for a cruise on our website, look for these badges next to a sailing : sig2   and sig– These indicate a special group offer that can provide you with free onboard credit, free excursions, or included gratuities.

The special and exclusive CDV offers can almost always be combined all with current qualifying national promotions offered by the cruise line, as well as full credit toward cruise line status.

We believe in the concept of Luxury of experience.  This means that our guests are not just looking for bucket list places, but life-changing experiences.  Our passion is making that happen, and to do so, we need to think of each person we deal with as friends and family.  We are not just planning a trip or event or you, but rather a life experience you will talk about long into the future.

Our secret sauce is a mixture of people that truly care about you above the “product,” leading-edge technology, and our carefully cultivated relationships with vendors that have become dear friends.  For us, it is always personal.  Click here to learn more about us and why we are in no way a typical travel agency.

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Get up to $10,000 credit or more when you book with CDV

Book cruises with CDV and you can get credit of up to $10,000 for each cruise to use toward any CDV land vacation!

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