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Book cruises with CDV and get credit toward any CDV Land Vacation. No gimmicks, and credit can be combined or even gifted. 

Why Book with CDV Cruises

There are several key concerns when booking any vacation. Service and Price are the big ones. When it comes to service, it is not just about how efficient getting things booked will be, but about getting ready to go, what if something happens during, and wrap up after. When it comes to price, some people are more price sensitive than others, and why pay more than you should, right?  We address both!


The internet may have made many people book all of their travel direct, which has made the job for travel agencies that much harder, to be sure. But remember, we are a tour operator, not a travel agency. The first thing to know is this: When you book direct with a giant corporate conglomerate, and you have an issue, you know you will spend forever on hold, only to reach a call center that probably won’t be able to help… or wait who knows how long for a return email. We, on the other hand, are easy to reach, and we have special access to deal with most issues directly. When we can’t, we usually have someone on the inside, send a text and it is taken care of.

But one on one service goes much further than that. When little things pop up that can affect your trip, having a one on one relationship with us makes all the difference. We are proactive, and usually know of the issue (and the solution) before you do, and deal with it. 

Even during your trip, you always know there is someone you can contact that will have your back no matter what, 24×7. 

You will never get that with a large corporation or a multinational booking site. And with a travel agent, they generally don’t have the kind of resources and team we have to take action quickly, anywhere in the world. This is the benefit of being a tour operator that cultivates individual relationships and can handle your other travel needs. 

We are the whole package.


Most people don’t know that anyone that has a sales relationship with the cruise lines always has access to every deal they offer directly, but some of us have even more. This is how some companies are able to sell cruises at lower rates, or with extra amenities than you can get directly. We have access to block-off space and get low pricing on the blocked space very early on. With that, we can get better rates and lots of extras that we can pass on to you. Between our own blocked-off space and blocked space in our network, we have this kind of space on over 12,000 cruises at any time.

We Don’t Play the Money Game, But Still Offer More Value. 

If you want the absolute rock-bottom price. now matter what, we can point you to websites that will “beat any price.”  Here is the thing.  They are out there, and they operate massive volume call-centers.  They get the exact same prices that we get, but they play a game of advance cruise rebates.  The cruise lines pay a commission, and they will discount a portion of it up front to get the sale.  Then it balances out when they get paid.  This is actually against terms of services with the cruise lines, but a blind eye is turned.  Many also have all sorts of other fine print that causes most people never to get that lower price.  If you do not follow their rules to get that lower price, you forfeit the discount and have to make it up with your final payment.  This often becomes an issue because most of these companies have terrible service after they have made the sale, so it can be extremely difficult to qualify for that rebate, and by that time it is too late.

In a nutshell, these are “anything to get the sale” companies with inexperienced low-paid call center workers that have the motivation to get that sale and get you off the phone ASAP.  And if you need any help or service once that sale is made, you find yourself calling into a random call-center person and waiting on hold.  Additionally, if the price of your cruise goes down, don;t expect them to get the price matched.  If price is the only factor, let us know and we will even send you to them.  Read more about common cruise marketing scams here.  That said, we offer something even better that allows you to get even more value, plus excellent service.  Read on…

Credit toward CDV Trips!

If you book a cruise with us, you can get credits up to $5,000 or more toward CDV trips on top of getting great prices and service. Click here for details on our credits.  It is credit, not cash… but it is more than double the value the call centers offer.

Where getting better pricing really gets interesting is if you have booked one of these with us, and for some reason the cruise line finds the need to lower their prices through a big special sale. If this happens, and the price of the category you booked can now be had for less, many cruise lines will allow us to move you into the new, lower price. Better yet, if we booked you with extras like shore excursions or onboard credit, that carries over with you at the new pricing! 

So, for example: Suppose we have a price of $3,000 for you on a cruise that includes a shore excursion and $100 of on-board credit through group space we have blocked. a few months later, the cruise line runs a special that has the same cabin for $2,500, and they offer $100 of on board credit on top. When we move you into the new pricing, you get the $2500 price, and you often still have $200 of onboard credit.

We Are About People, Not Transactions

We are not transaction-driven, like the large “call-center” and massive travel websites. We are relationship-driven. Furthermore, unlike the others, the commission is not our focus. We know this may seem strange, but the reality is that the commissions paid on cruises is barely a dent compared to what we do with our tours. Our goal is all about adding value for all of our guests. 

If you have traveled with us before, you surely get this. Remember, family is our DNA and we are not going to change who we are now! What this means is that if there is a way to get you a better price or more value, we will always do it, because the “commission” is not part of our calculation.

No booking fees or planning fees.

Many travel agencies add these fees, and they do so for good reason. Managing travel takes a lot of time, and the commissions they receive are really quite low. They truly do earn those fees. But again, this is simply not part of our calculation. We have a fantastic team with incredible resources and logistics. To be perfectly honest, we are already doing all of this anyway, and charging fees would cost us more in accounting costs than it would be worth.


We are CDV. Let’s face it, we have not just been booking travel for people since 2006, we have been operating it. The people that actually provide travel services have a different insight and entirely different connections. If you are taking a cruise that stops in a specific city, you can bet that we have someone there that we know. We can get stuff done. We know how to organize excursions in ways that most simply do not. 

If you have a problem during your trip, you are working with people that have physically operated hundreds of tours with thousands of people… We have dealt with some of the biggest emergency situations you can imagine. And if there is an issue with the cruise line, more often than not, we can get a direct line to the boss of the boss of the boss of the person most people would be talking to.

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Why Always Book with CDV:

Book cruises with CDV and you can get a credit of up to $10,000 for each cruise to use toward any CDV land vacation!  Click here for more info.

In addition to the CDV Tour credit, we have special offers you cannot get directly from the cruise lines on thousands of sailings every year. When you search for a cruise on our website, look for these badges next to a sailing : sig2   and sig– These indicate a special group offer that can provide you with free onboard credit, free excursions, or included gratuities.

The special and exclusive CDV offers can almost always be combined all with current qualifying national promotions offered by the cruise line, as well as full credit toward cruise line status.

We believe in the concept of Luxury of experience.  This means that our guests are not just looking for bucket list places, but life-changing experiences.  Our passion is making that happen, and to do so, we need to think of each person we deal with as friends and family.  We are not just planning a trip or event or you, but rather a life experience you will talk about long into the future.

Our secret sauce is a mixture of people that truly care about you above the “product,” leading-edge technology, and our carefully cultivated relationships with vendors that have become dear friends.  For us, it is always personal.  Click here to learn more about us and why we are in no way a typical travel agency.

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We directly operate the highest-rated culinary, cooking, wine, and experiential small-group tours in Europe! And any cruise booking you do with us gives you credit toward our tours.

Get up to $10,000 credit or more when you book with CDV

Book cruises with CDV and you can get credit of up to $10,000 for each cruise to use toward any CDV land vacation!

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