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We know all of the ins and outs of Transatlantic Crossings — So much that we take multiple crossings each year and organize groups with land Tours on the Europe side of the cruise.

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Everything You Need For a Transatlantic Cruise at No Extra Cost

The entire team at Culture Discovery Cruises travel and work for extended periods.  Some of us travel year-round, and have developed mobile offices for our work, and some of us travel for extended three to six month trips at a time, so transatlantic crossings are a regular part of our lives.

This puts us in a truly unique position to be able to help you prepare for a transatlantic cruise in ways that very few people in the travel business can.   As you read this page, you will find some things that any professional worth their salt will offer, but you will also see some major added details that you simply will not find with anyone else.

The Best Prices

The Best Service

No Added Fees

Here is just some of what we will do for you when you book with us:

Before You Book

We REALLY Want to Know You

You are preparing for a long vacation that is often a once in a lifetime experience. And you are trusting us to help you with that! We're not going to take that lightly. We want to get to know you and really understand how you tick. You will have one of us immediately that will be with you throughout the process from the very beginning to well after you return from your cruise. We want to know your style, what excites you, what bores you. We want to be able to plan everything going forward with a full understanding of what your desires are.

As Soon as You Book:

Bonus Onboard Credit

In addition to any special onboard credit we are able to get you from the cruise line, we will add an additional onboard credit of up to $1,000.00* to your account. This amount will be added to your onboard account on the day of sailing. For the few cruise lines that do not provide for this, we will send you the amount at the end of your cruise as a rebate. Note that this offer cannot be combined with the CDV Credit Offer, which can be valued at up to $10,000. So just let us know which you prefer.

We Help You Obtain Insurance

Of course whether or not you choose to get insurance, and how much, is a personal choice. Based on your desires, we will help. The standard cruise insurance offered by the cruise line itself will have limited coverage. But you are on a long trip, and we will help you find the best policy that can meet any possible need you may have.

A Detailed Itinerary Website & App

We will provide you with a website and app for your smartphone or tablet that is a "living itinerary". It will start out with the basic framework of your cruise and itinerary. Everything we do going forward will be reflected here in real time.

Typical Travel Agent Direct/Online Culture Discovery
Dedicated Service Long Waits on Hold Dedicated Service
No Online Booking Can Book/Manage Online Can Book/Manage Online
Some Cruise Experience Limited to Specialty Vast Cruise Experience
Knows Your Wants/Needs You Are Just a Number Knows Your Wants/Needs
Limited Access to Special Rates Thousands of Special Rates Thousands of Special Rates
Responds within a day Takes days to respond Responds in minutes or hours
Often Add Service Fees Sometimes Add Hidden Fees NEVER Adds Fees

180 Days+ Before Your Cruise

Help You Plan Flights

Your flights will clearly be one-way, at least the international portion. We will gladly help you with flight planning, as well as all transfers..

Price Protection

Most Cruise Lines allow us to offer you price protection, which is something you cannot get if you book directly with the cruise line. What this means is that if for any reason the cruise line offers a special sale that applies to your cruise and stateroom category that would cause the price to be lower, we can almost always get the cruise line to reduce your price to that of the sale. They will usually simply take it off of your final balance due, or when you are closer to sailing, they may offer the difference as an onboard credit.

Questions, Visas, Vaccinations, Tips, etc.

You will probably have many questions, and we are there to answer them. Most importantly, we are incredibly transparent. Nobody can know the answer to every question you may have, and we are never afraid to admit it. But if we need to, we will do all of the research to get those questions answered correctly. Beyond that, we will let you know about any Visas it vaccinations you may need for some of the ports you will visit. We will create a checklist on all you need, and help you through the process. In a nutshell, whatever it is, we will make sure we have all we need to have you covered.

Pre-Trip or Post-Trip Travel Plans

If your transatlantic cruise ends in Europe, are you looking for a tour there? If it begins in Europe, are you looking for something pre-cruise? We can help you plan with any tour operator, or help you plan going it on your own. If you choose to take one of our tours, we will give you added credit to apply to your tour price and include transfers between our tour starting or ending location and the port, so long as it is within 150 miles.

Within 180 Days of Your Cruise

Finalizing Plans

Many shore excursions cannot be reserved too far in advance. Similarly, if any of your land travel includes rail travel, this needs to be reserved closer to your travel date. During these last few months before your cruise, we will make sure all of this is in order, we will make sure all of your visas and other document requirements are in order and even help you with packing tips.

The Days Leading up to Departure:

Crossing The T's and Dotting The I's

Everything should be in order.  We double-check make sure that your literary and all the info in the app is up to date with your flights, tickets, confirmations, and everything you need for your entire trip.  You will be set to go with all contact information for us, so you can reach us at any time with anything you need, and we will be ready to step in if there are any issues on your bording day.

During Your World Cruise

Navigating With You Form Behind the Scenes

You should be having the time of your life without a care in the world. Behind the scenes, however, we are following your ship. We know where you are, if you will be getting somewhere late, etc. Before you arrive at a destination, if we have you booked on an excursion or experience, we are confirming it, making sure there are no issues. If we do see any change of plans, we are sending you updates both by text and in your app you you know what to expect. And if you run into any issues, you can always simply contact us, and we will work behind the scenes to take car of whatever needs to be taken care of.

Before, During, and After...

The Meaning of Family

For so many companies, the word "family" is a marketing term. For us it is actually a way of life that is at the core of who we are. Why do we follow everything you are doing and double check confirmations regularly? Because we know it matters. When you are in a foreign country, we don't want you to stress. It is why we never use words like "client" or "customer". To us, you are a guest, plain and simple.

This is who we are.  If we have not thought of something we can add to make your world cruise, better, you may want to check back, because as we come up with things we can do, we add them!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Transatlantic Cruise Offerings

A transatlantic cruise is a voyage primarily across the Atlantic Ocean, often between ports in North America and Europe.

The duration of a transatlantic cruise typically varies from 7 to 16 days, depending on the itinerary and the cruise line. Some cruises may last longer if they include additional stops.

The best time to embark on a transatlantic cruise is often in the spring (April and May) or fall (October and November), also known as “repositioning seasons”. During these periods, cruise ships reposition between Europe and the Americas, leading to more available voyages.

A repositioning cruise is a one-way itinerary that moves a ship from one region to another, often between seasons. These cruises often include more days at sea and can offer a significant value for passengers.

Onboard activities vary by cruise line but may include entertainment shows, fitness classes, spa services, educational lectures, games, swimming, fine dining, and other leisure activities. Some cruises also include stops at ports of call, where additional excursions and sightseeing opportunities may be available.

Amenities vary based on the type of cabin you select and the specific cruise line, but typically include a private bathroom, a television, a desk/vanity area, a closet, a safe, and a bed that can often be separated into two singles. Higher-end cabins may also include additional living space, a private balcony, a mini-fridge, and other amenities.

Most transatlantic cruises include the cost of meals in the main dining room and buffet, as well as some snacks and room service items, in the fare. However, specialty restaurants often require an additional fee. Beverages outside of water, coffee, tea, and sometimes juices may also come at an additional cost.

It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before any trip. They can advise if you need any specific vaccinations for the countries you’ll be visiting or if there are any concerns given your personal health history. Remember to bring any necessary prescription medications and consider options for seasickness if you are prone.  You way also wish to check the CDC for travel advisories.

While not mandatory, travel insurance is highly recommended for all cruises, especially longer voyages like transatlantic cruises. Insurance can protect you against unforeseen circumstances such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, or lost luggage.  We will happily help you find the best rates and best insurance options.

Yes, a passport is required for transatlantic cruises. Additionally, visas may be required for some of the ports of call, depending on your nationality and the specific countries you will be visiting. Always check the visa requirements well in advance of your departure.

All of that said, there are some conditions.  There are some things that have some limitations that we need to get in front of.  You know, the fine print.  There is no “gotcha” stuff here.  Just some limitations to make sure we do have enough profit to be able to continue being who we are.  So here is the (not so) fine print:

*Additional Onboard Credit: The amount is based on your base cruise fare.  This is the amount of your cruise minus taxes, port fees and cruise line NCF charges.  Amount offered is:
$5,000 – $6,999 = $200 Credit
$7,000 – $9,999 = $300 Credit
$10,000 – $14,999 = $500 Credit
$15,000 – $19,999 = $750 Credit
$20,000 & Up = $1,000 Credit

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Why Always Book with CDV:

Book cruises with CDV and you can get a credit of up to $10,000 for each cruise to use toward any CDV land vacation!  Click here for more info.

In addition to the CDV Tour credit, we have special offers you cannot get directly from the cruise lines on thousands of sailings every year. When you search for a cruise on our website, look for these badges next to a sailing : sig2   and sig– These indicate a special group offer that can provide you with free onboard credit, free excursions, or included gratuities.

The special and exclusive CDV offers can almost always be combined all with current qualifying national promotions offered by the cruise line, as well as full credit toward cruise line status.

We believe in the concept of Luxury of experience.  This means that our guests are not just looking for bucket list places, but life-changing experiences.  Our passion is making that happen, and to do so, we need to think of each person we deal with as friends and family.  We are not just planning a trip or event or you, but rather a life experience you will talk about long into the future.

Our secret sauce is a mixture of people that truly care about you above the “product,” leading-edge technology, and our carefully cultivated relationships with vendors that have become dear friends.  For us, it is always personal.  Click here to learn more about us and why we are in no way a typical travel agency.

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Get up to $10,000 credit or more when you book with CDV

Book cruises with CDV and you can get credit of up to $10,000 for each cruise to use toward any CDV land vacation!

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