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Cruise with MSC: on the MSC Magnifica in 2025 – 50 Destinations across 21 countries

Prices start at only $15,199 per person

Experience the ultimate world cruise aboard MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica on an unforgettable 116-day journey across five continents, 21 countries, and 50 ports of call. This around-the-world voyage is truly a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list travel experience.

Why Plan Your MSC World Cruise with Culture Discovery

With Culture Discovery Cruises, you can embark on the MSC World Cruise knowing you’ll receive excellent service and curated experiences that go far beyond just booking your travel.

We offer more services for people traveling on World Cruises than anyone you will find, all included in the price of your world cruise.  See why we are the Best Agency for MSC World Cruises.

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Typical Travel Agent Direct/Online Culture Discovery
Dedicated Service Long Waits on Hold Dedicated Service
No Online Booking Can Book/Manage Online Can Book/Manage Online
Some Cruise Experience Limited to Specialty Vast Cruise Experience
Knows Your Wants/Needs You Are Just a Number Knows Your Wants/Needs
Limited Access to Special Rates Thousands of Special Rates Thousands of Special Rates
Responds within a day Takes days to respond Responds in minutes or hours
Often Add Service Fees Sometimes Add Hidden Fees NEVER Adds Fees

Why Take an MSC World Cruise?

An MSC World Cruise offers the ultimate way to see so many different parts of the world in unmatched comfort with destinations in 21 countries. Here are some of the major benefits of booking this cruise around the world:

Visit 5 Continents and Over 50 Ports, From Barcelona to French Polynesia

The 116-day MSC Around The World Cruise will take you to 21 different countries and 104 ports of call ranging from Buenos Aires to Sydney. Some of the major destinations include:

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires
  • French Polynesia
  • The Australian Coast, and cities like Auckland  New Zealand
  • Asia with stops in Thailand and Singapore
  • Italy, Spain, and France

You’ll cross between hemispheres getting to experience seasons like summer and winter in the same trip. It’s an unrivaled opportunity to see so many destinations in 21 different countries in one journey.  You will be crossing the Atlantic, the South Pacific Ocean, and The Indian Ocean.

MSC Magnifica Pool

All-Inclusive Luxury Onboard the MSC Magnifica

MSC Cruises offers outstanding amenities and service on board the MSC Magnifica. Spend your days being pampered at the spa, browsing boutique shops, swimming in pools, enjoying shows, working out, and more.

The MSC World Cruise 2025 will take place on the MSC Magnifica ship after a major $200 million renovation. You can expect excellent dining, entertainment, and newly enhanced staterooms and public areas. It’s an all-inclusive luxury experience throughout over 100 days at sea and in port.

15 Port Excursions Included In The Price

15 shore excursions are Included in the price of the world cruise in 2025 at some of the most amazing destinations in the world.  They are:

  • Malaga, Spain: MALAGA CITY TOUR
  • Casablanca, Morocco: CITY TOUR AND HASSAN II’ S MOSQUE
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: THE CHARMS OF BUENOS AIRES
  • Papeete, French Polynesia EAST COAST TAHITI
  • Sydney, Australia: DISCOVERING SYDNEY
  • Adelaide, Australia: PANORAMIC TOUR OF ADELAIDE
  • Fremantle, Australia: FREMANTLE & PERTH ORIENTATION
  • Benoa, Indonesia: HIGHLIGHTS OF UBUD
  • Port Klang, Malaysia: HIGHLIGHTS OF KUALA LUMPUR 
  • Aqaba, Jordan: WONDERS OF PETRA
  • Messina, Italy: MESSINA CITY TOUR

Unique Overnight and Extended Stays

An advantage of the longer MSC World Cruise itinerary is that it offers overnight and extended stays in many of the most desired ports of call. This gives you more time to explore destinations like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, The Polynesian Islands, and Sydney without having to rush back to the ship.

With extended time in port, you can take part in included shore excursions or venture out to experience places at a more leisurely pace. It’s a way to gain a deeper understanding of local cultures.

The Best Prices

The Best Service

No Added Fees

Cruise While You Sleep Between Destinations

One of the best aspects of a world cruise is waking up in a new destination almost every day. The cruise ship handles traveling between ports as you sleep in your comfortable stateroom, and you never feel jet-lag!

You maximize time traveling around the world without having to spend days on airplanes jetting between countries. Simply board MSC Magnifica, and the cruise line takes care of transit logistics for you.

Friendly Atmosphere and Staff

MSC Cruises promotes an interactive, family-friendly ambiance with events and activities that bring passengers together. You’ll meet intriguing people from around the world on a diverse ship. The staff is warm and attentive providing top-notch service.

Flexible Booking for 2025 World Cruises

Booking the voyage with Culture Discovery Vacations provides flexibility to modify plans while protecting your investment. We will ensure you get the best world cruise experience at an incredible value.

Overview of the MSC World Cruise Itinerary

Spanning January to May 2025, the 120-day round-the-world MSC World Cruise itinerary is truly epic. You’ll cross between hemispheres, experiencing tropical destinations along with exotic locales as you allow the ship to take you around the world.

msc world cruise
1Sunday, 05 Jan 2025
Genoa (Portofino), Italy
2Monday, 06 Jan 2025
Marseille (Provence), France
3Tuesday, 07 Jan 2025
Barcelona, Spain
4Wednesday, 08 Jan 2025At Sea
5Thursday, 09 Jan 2025
Malaga (Granada), Spain
6Friday, 10 Jan 2025
Casablanca (Marrakech), Morocco
7Saturday, 11 Jan 2025At Sea
8Sunday, 12 Jan 2025At Sea
9Monday, 13 Jan 2025At Sea
10Tuesday, 14 Jan 2025
Mindelo, Cape Verde
11Wednesday, 15 Jan 2025At Sea
12Thursday, 16 Jan 2025At Sea
13Friday, 17 Jan 2025At Sea
14Saturday, 18 Jan 2025At Sea
15Sunday, 19 Jan 2025
Salvador, Brazil
16Monday, 20 Jan 2025At Sea
17Tuesday, 21 Jan 2025
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18Wednesday, 22 Jan 2025
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19Thursday, 23 Jan 2025At Sea
20Friday, 24 Jan 2025At Sea
21Saturday, 25 Jan 2025
Buenos Aires, Argentina
22Sunday, 26 Jan 2025
Buenos Aires, Argentina
23Monday, 27 Jan 2025At Sea
24Tuesday, 28 Jan 2025At Sea
25Wednesday, 29 Jan 2025
Puerto Madryn, Argentina
26Thursday, 30 Jan 2025At Sea
27Friday, 31 Jan 2025Port Stanley, Argentina08:0018:00TBD
28Saturday, 01 Feb 2025At Sea
29Sunday, 02 Feb 2025At Sea
30Monday, 03 Feb 2025
Ushuaia, Argentina
31Tuesday, 04 Feb 2025At Sea
32Wednesday, 05 Feb 2025At Sea
33Thursday, 06 Feb 2025PCH07:0015:00To be check
34Friday, 07 Feb 2025
Puerto Montt, Chile
35Saturday, 08 Feb 2025At Sea
36Sunday, 09 Feb 2025
Valparaiso, Chile
37Monday, 10 Feb 2025
Valparaiso, Chile
38Tuesday, 11 Feb 2025At Sea
39Wednesday, 12 Feb 2025At Sea
40Thursday, 13 Feb 2025At Sea
41Friday, 14 Feb 2025At Sea
42Saturday, 15 Feb 2025
Hanga Roa (Rapa Nui), Chile
43Sunday, 16 Feb 2025At Sea
44Monday, 17 Feb 2025At Sea
45Tuesday, 18 Feb 2025
Bounty Bay Passage, Pitcairn
46Wednesday, 19 Feb 2025At Sea
47Thursday, 20 Feb 2025At Sea
48Friday, 21 Feb 2025
Papeete, Tahiti
49Saturday, 22 Feb 2025
Papeete, Tahiti
50Sunday, 23 Feb 2025
Moorea, French Polinesia
51Monday, 24 Feb 2025At Sea
52Tuesday, 25 Feb 2025
Aiutaki, Cook Islands
53Wednesday, 26 Feb 2025
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
54Thursday, 27 Feb 2025At Sea
55Friday, 28 Feb 2025At Sea
56Saturday, 01 Mar 2025At Sea
57Sunday, 02 Mar 2025At Sea
58Monday, 03 Mar 2025At Sea
59Tuesday, 04 Mar 2025
Bay of Islands, New Zeland
60Wednesday, 05 Mar 2025
Auckland, New Zealand
61Thursday, 06 Mar 2025
Tauranga, New Zealand
62Friday, 07 Mar 2025
Napier, New Zealand
63Saturday, 08 Mar 2025At Sea
64Sunday, 09 Mar 2025CHC08:0018:00Docked
65Monday, 10 Mar 2025DUD08:0017:00Docked
66Tuesday, 11 Mar 2025
Cruising Milford Sound, New Zealand
67Wednesday, 12 Mar 2025At Sea
68Thursday, 13 Mar 2025At Sea
69Friday, 14 Mar 2025
Sydney, Australia
70Saturday, 15 Mar 2025
Sydney, Australia
71Sunday, 16 Mar 2025QDN09:0020:00Docked
72Monday, 17 Mar 2025At Sea
73Tuesday, 18 Mar 2025
Melbourne, Australia
74Wednesday, 19 Mar 2025At Sea
75Thursday, 20 Mar 2025
Adelaide, Australia
76Friday, 21 Mar 2025PEA08:0020:00Tender
77Saturday, 22 Mar 2025At Sea
78Sunday, 23 Mar 2025At Sea
79Monday, 24 Mar 2025Albany, Australia08:0018:00Docked
80Tuesday, 25 Mar 2025At Sea
81Wednesday, 26 Mar 2025BSS08:0018:00Tender
82Thursday, 27 Mar 2025
Fremantle/Perth, Australia
83Friday, 28 Mar 2025
Fremantle/Perth, Australia
84Saturday, 29 Mar 2025At Sea
85Sunday, 30 Mar 2025At Sea
86Monday, 31 Mar 2025BME10:0018:00Docked
87Tuesday, 01 Apr 2025At Sea
88Wednesday, 02 Apr 2025
Benoa (Bali), Indonesia
89Thursday, 03 Apr 2025
Benoa (Bali), Indonesia
90Friday, 04 Apr 2025At Sea
91Saturday, 05 Apr 2025At Sea
92Sunday, 06 Apr 2025
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
93Monday, 07 Apr 2025
Port Klang (Kuala Lampur), Malaysia
94Tuesday, 08 Apr 2025
Penang, Malaysia
95Wednesday, 09 Apr 2025
Phuket, Thailand
96Thursday, 10 Apr 2025At Sea
97Friday, 11 Apr 2025At Sea
98Saturday, 12 Apr 2025
Colombo, Sri Lanka
99Sunday, 13 Apr 2025At Sea
100Monday, 14 Apr 2025At Sea
101Tuesday, 15 Apr 2025At Sea
102Wednesday, 16 Apr 2025At Sea
103Thursday, 17 Apr 2025At Sea
104Friday, 18 Apr 2025At Sea
105Saturday, 19 Apr 2025At Sea
106Sunday, 20 Apr 2025
Aqaba (Petra), Jordan
107Monday, 21 Apr 2025
Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
108Tuesday, 22 Apr 2025
Safaga, Egypt
109Wednesday, 23 Apr 2025Suez Canal (transit), Egypt20:0020:30
110Thursday, 24 Apr 2025Suez Canal (transit), Egypt15:0015:30
111Friday, 25 Apr 2025
Alexandria, Egypt
112Saturday, 26 Apr 2025At Sea
113Sunday, 27 Apr 2025At Sea
114Monday, 28 Apr 2025
Messina (Taormina), Italy
115Tuesday, 29 Apr 2025
Naples (Pompeii), Italy
116Wednesday, 30 Apr 2025
Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy
117Thursday, 01 May 2025
Genoa (Portofino), Italy
*Information subject to change as a consequence of final berth or anchorage effective availability.

Within this globe-spanning itinerary, MSC Cruises arranges included shore excursions at each port of call along with pre-bookable optional tours for deeper explorations. It’s the most seamless way to see so many bucket list destinations.

MSC Magnifica Balcony Room

Booking the MSC World Cruise

Booking through Culture Discovery Vacations gives you a strong advocate for getting the best deal while providing a seamless booking experience. We’ll handle all the trip-planning details for you.

Reserve Early for Best Offer

Booking an MSC World Cruise early locks in the best cabin selection and pricing. Availability is limited on this popular world cruise itinerary.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Protect your investment by purchasing travel insurance for your cruise. Our advisors can provide recommendations for comprehensive coverage.

Arrange Airfare and Transfers

We can help arrange flights and transfers to the MSC World Cruise cruise departure and arrival ports which are convenient add-ons to complete your trip planning.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Most destinations require 6+ months of passport validity. Visa requirements vary by nationality. Culture Discovery Vacations will provide guidance to ensure you have proper documentation.

With Culture Discovery Vacations, you benefit from the knowledge of cruise experts who create a seamless, stress-free booking experience. We’ll save you time and money while getting you on the MSC World Cruise of your dreams!

Life on Board MSC World Cruise Ships

MSC Cruises offers a relaxed sophisticated atmosphere on its ships. You’ll enjoy world-class dining, entertainment, amenities and service throughout your voyage. Here’s a glimpse of what life on board is like:

State-of-the-Art Facilities

After a $200 million makeover, the MSC Magnifica  will be ready for the 2025 MSC World Cruise, featuring newly enhanced staterooms, restaurants, lounges, shops, entertainment venues and more. She provides an intimate, elegant setting for experiencing the world.

Alluring Accommodations

From interior to oceanview to balcony, staterooms provide comfortable retreats after full days ashore. Select categories give you closer access to conveniences like lounges, restaurants and promenades.

MSC Magnifica Pool Bar

Mouthwatering Cuisine

The ship’s buffets and main dining rooms provide diverse, made-from-scratch cuisine. Specialty restaurants like a steakhouse, teppanyaki grill, and sushi bar provide added diversity and ambiance.

Spectacular Entertainment

Catch full-scale theater productions in the main show lounge. Enjoy live music, comedy shows, cultural performances, theme parties, guest lecturers, and late night social scenes across venues.

Extensive Enrichment

Join workshops focused on digital photography, arts & crafts, cooking demos, dance classes, language lessons and port lectures to enhance your voyage.

Indulgent Relaxation

Unwind in refined comfort at the full-service spa, saunas, hot tubs, adults-only retreats, and pools lined with sun loungers. Work out in the well-equipped gym and sports areas.

Thrilling Activities

Try the F1 simulator, 4D cinema, bowling alley, F1 race car experience, virtual games, family activities, and outdoor waterpark for non-stop fun.

With so many dining, entertainment and relaxation options, you’ll never be bored on your days at sea. The ship provides the seamless transportation between incredible destinations.

Extend Your Experience with Culture Discovery Vacations

Once you’ve experienced an unforgettable MSC World Cruise, you may want to extend your exploration on a pre- or post-cruise trip. Culture Discovery Vacations provides enriching land extensions and tours to give you a deeper immersion into destinations.

Pre-Cruise Extensions

Add extra days in embarkation cities like Rome, Barcelona, Miami, San Francisco, Sydney, Auckland, and more. Absorb rich history and culture before or after your cruise.

Multi-Day Land Tours

Journey on guided excursions to places like the Pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal in India, ancient sites of Israel and Jordan, and the Outback of Australia.

Private Tours

Craft custom private tours and transfers for a personalized experience focused entirely on your interests. We are highly focused on designing a memorable adventure of a lifetime.

Experienced Local Guides

Our extensive connections provide local experts who share insider perspectives on culture, history, and daily life in destinations around the world.

Seamless Logistics

Leave the planning and logistics to us while you simply soak up inspiring places and people. We take care for you like family.

With Culture Discovery Vacations, your whole journey becomes more culturally immersive and meaningful. Contact us to start planning your extended pre- and post-cruise explorations.

Frequently Asked Questions About MSC World Cruises

Here are answers to some common questions travelers have about booking the MSC World Cruise:

We recommend booking an MSC World Cruise 12-18 months in advance if possible. Early booking ensures best pricing, promotions, and cabin availability on these popular sailings.

DINE & DRINK PACKAGE: This cruise includes beverages in the Main on-board restaurants during Lunch and Dinner opening hours and in the Buffet Area during assigned Lunch and Dinner Hours only. The package includes a variety of wines served by the glass (white, red, rose & sparkling wines), draught beer, mineral water, fountain-soda & fruit juices (by the glass). Buffet Opening Hours: lunch: 11:30h – 16:00h / dinner: 17:30h – 22:30h.

The package is not valid for use in any speciality restaurant or bars outside of the buffet area. 

LAUNDRY: 30% off All Laundry Services.

ACTIVITIES: A comprehensive activity schedule with theme evenings, language classes, cultural guest speakers and much more.

For the full voyage, starting prices are $15,199 per person double occupancy for an inside cabin. Oceanview and balcony cabins are more expensive, but still one of the world’s best values for a world cruise experience. Additional costs include airfare, excursions, gratuities, and more.

Yes, MSC Cruises offers airfare packages or you can book flights independently. Culture Discovery Vacations also provides airfare quotes and booking assistance.

MSC Cruises automatically adds gratuity charges to your onboard account to cover dining and housekeeping staff. You are welcome to adjust the amount based on level of service. Additional tips for concierge, spa, etc. are at your discretion.

The relaxed sophistication of MSC Cruises attracts more middle-aged to older travelers and fewer children. However they tend to attract a younger average than other world cruises. Their interactive atmosphere encourages mingling across generations.

Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment. Coverage like trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical and weather delay can give peace of mind.

At Culture Discovery Vacations,  we are happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the entire booking process for an amazing voyage with MSC Cruises. Feel free to reach out anytime!

The definition of safe is always relative to each person’s comfort level.  The ports the ship stops at are considered to be widely safe place, but always check with the State Department or CDC for more information about each destination

Each cruise line has different policies.  For MSC, we suggest you consult their Terms and Conditions, Passengers Bill of Rights, and Conditions of Carriage for specific details.

MSC takes great care to cater to many special needs.  You can see their full policy here.

Start Planning Your MSC World Cruise Adventure

Embarking on an iconic round-the-world voyage with MSC Cruises is a dream trip for many travelers. With 5 continents, 21 countries, over 50 ports and unforgettable experiences, the MSC World Cruise offers an unrivaled way to see the planet in style and comfort.

Culture Discovery Vacations provides the expertise, connections and services to help you book this once-in-a-lifetime journey seamlessly. We listen to your travel vision and craft your ideal itinerary with exclusive perks and benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

We treat you like family and give your trip our full personal attention. Take advantage of special promotions, get the best value, and have an advocate in your corner every step of the booking process.

Trust Culture Discovery Vacations to create an experience that goes beyond simply booking travel. We make your MSC World Cruise dream a reality! Allow us to guide you on the exploration of a lifetime.

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