The Oceania World Cruise: 2024, 2025 and Beyond

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Oceania Around The World In 180 Days

Oceania Cruises has long been a favorite for discerning travelers seeking intimate, destination-immersive voyages. Now the upscale cruise line invites you to embark on the ultimate journey – an Oceania World Cruise. These epic, globe-spanning itineraries visit all seven continents over 100+ unforgettable days at sea. From the Great Wall of China to the cherry blossoms of Japan, and the wildlife of Africa to majestic fjords of Norway, an Oceania World Cruise immerses you in the diversity of our world. With Oceania’s signature midsize ships, acclaimed cuisine and impeccable service, you’ll traverse the planet in style.

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An Overview of Oceania World Cruises – 2024, 2025 and Beyond

Oceania World Cruises typically run between 110 to 180 days in length. The world voyage visits around 50 to 70 ports across Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, the South Pacific, and more. Fares begin around $22,000 per person, but the luxurious experience and breadth of destinations included make these voyages an extraordinary value.

The ships Marina and Insignia each offer an annual 180-day “Around the World in 180 Days” cruise departing in January. This Grand Voyage sails westbound from Miami through the Panama Canal or eastbound starting in San Francisco via the Suez Canal. Guests can also book segments of the full world cruise.

No matter the specific itinerary, Oceania World Cruises let you wake up in a new exotic locale nearly every day while unpacking just once, often with wonderful overnight stays. The midsize vessels access intimate ports larger ships cannot. An Oceania world cruise literally offers the trip of a lifetime.

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Why Oceania Cruises is Ideal for Circumnavigating the Globe

Several key attributes make Oceania Cruises a perfect fit for extended world cruises:

  • Intimate, club-like ambiance: With just 670 to 1,250 guests, Oceania ships feel like private yacht clubs. There’s no crowded anonymity.
  • Impressive staff-to-guest ratio: Oceania boasts one of the best ratios at sea with 400 crew for 1,000 passengers. Service is exceedingly personalized.
  • World-class dining: From fine French fare at Jacques to signature steaks at Polo Grill, the culinary experience rivals the world’s best restaurants.
  • Lavish amenities: From a spa and fitness center to poolside service, Oceania pampers its world cruisers in style. The living is easy.
  • Spacious suites: Nearly all staterooms and suites measure an expansive 300 square feet, with all suites at 400+ square feet.

For all these reasons and more, Oceania Cruises has perfected the art of circumnavigating in uncompromising luxury.

Oceania pool deck

Destinations and Itineraries Spanning the Globe

Oceania works to curate some of the most perfect itineraries. Recent World Cruise itineraries have sailed everywhere imaginable. From verdant New Zealand to the ancient ruins of Ephesus, you’ll cross both hemispheres visiting iconic ports and hidden gems.  In addition that host many shoreside events.

Most routes traverse either the Panama or Suez Canals. Transit through Egypt lets you explore the pyramids and Valley of the Kings. Crossing through Panama provides a chance to discover ancient Mayan ruins and remote South Pacific isles.

As you set sail, each leg brings new natural and cultural wonders. You may ride elephants in India one day and go dog-sledding in Norway the next. Oceania’s broad range of excursions and shoreside experiences ensures something incredible awaits at every port.

Highlights from Past Oceania World Cruises

To spotlight the immense diversity showcased on an Oceania World Cruise, here are just some of the phenomenal destinations and experiences offered on recent Extended Voyages:

  • Australia & New Zealand: From the Sydney Opera House to Tasmania’s wild interior, these lands enchant.
  • The Americas: Exploring Incan culture in Peru, admiring Alaskan glaciers, and transiting the Panama Canal thrill.
  • French Polynesia: Here you can swim with manta rays in Bora Bora, encounter Moai statues on Easter Island, and delight in Tahiti’s tropical beauty.
  • Asia: Wat Arun’s ornate spires in Bangkok, the ethereal Taj Mahal, and bustling Hong Kong capture Asia’s contrasts.
  • Middle East & Holy Lands: Petra’s ancient carvings in Jordan and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt astound.
  • Mediterranean: Stand in awe before Stonehenge, tour the Colosseum and Pompeii, and live la dolce vita along sunny Mediterranean shores.
  • Northern Europe: Explore the fjords of Norway, marvel at the Northern Lights, and absorb Russia’s imperial grandeur.
  • Africa: Safari through the Serengeti, observe gorillas in the wild, and sail the Cape of Good Hope for timeless adventures.

The range of natural beauty, ancient cultures, and modern marvels, and unesco world heritage sites is simply unmatched. An Oceania World Cruise offers the ultimate global odyssey.

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Life Onboard an Oceania World Cruise

While the destinations provide plenty of excitement, days at sea are equally memorable. Oceania’s world cruisers enjoy:

  • Engaging enrichment activities: Guest lectures, cooking demos, dance lessons, and more onboard diversions inspire and educate.
  • Rejuvenating wellness: The spa, fitness center, yoga classes, and healthy cuisine promote continued vitality.
  • Tantalizing culinary experiences: From fine dining to master classes with Jacques Pepin, the culinary joys never end.
  • Nightly entertainment: Musical shows, comedy, dancing, Vegas-style revues, casino gaming, and more nightlife cap each incredible day.

With spacious suites boasting Savoir beds and marble bathrooms, Oceania provides a glorious home away from home for all those days crossing the seas.

Signature Dining Onboard

Oceania is truly a culinary- and destination-focused cruise line.  So one of the greatest joys of an Oceania World Cruise is the amazing culinary experiences that await at every meal. Their multiple restaurants and tasting menus ensure you need never eat the same thing twice over months at sea.

Highlights of Oceania’s dining include:

  • Jacques Bistro: Savor classic French cuisine from legendary Chef Jacques Pépin in a Parisian-style bistro.
  • Polo Grill: Indulge in steaks, chops and seafood, masterfully prepared with rich sauces.
  • Toscana: Sample the essence of Italian cuisine and wines from each unique region.
  • La Reserve: This intimate venue pairs a 7-course tasting menu with elite wine selections.
  • Terrace Café: The buffet restaurant presents cooked-to-order pastas, lavish salad bar, juicy rotisseries and more.
  • Waves Grill: For casual poolside dining of burgers, sandwiches and seafood by day; grill specialties at night.
  • Baristas: Start your day with custom-brewed coffees, teas and pastries at this coffee bar.

With free specialty dining at venues like Jacques and Polo Grill that feature the finest cuisine, plus included fine wines and spirits, Oceania Cruises culinary program stands above the rest.

Oceania World Cruise Stateroom

Start Planning Your Own Oceania World Cruise

If you crave the adventure of seeing the globe by sea, an Oceania World Cruise is one of the greatest travel experiences you can have, as it truly offers the pinnacle of luxury travel. Early booking reaps the best benefits, incentives, and suite selection. Many months of anticipation lie ahead! But crossing off bucket-list destinations and creating lifelong memories more than rewards the patience.

Oceania World Cruises sell out years in advance, so consulting a knowledgeable cruise agency ensures you secure your preferred dates and routes. We can advise you on:

  • Ideal cabin selection for your needs and budget
  • Fine-tuning the itinerary based on your travel wish list
  • Related air travel arrangements and hotel stays
  • Booking epic pre- and post-cruise land tours to extend your adventure
  • Special incentives, upgrades and price protection options

Contact us to learn about available Grand Voyages and segments. Or browse our live booking engine to compare options on your own for  this voyage of a lifetime.

A world of wonder awaits. The only question is: eastbound or westbound? Let the dream cruise take shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oceania World Cruises:

Oceania World Cruises are usually 110-180 days in length, with the Around the World cruises being 180 days.

World Cruises are the 180-day journeys circumnavigating the globe. Extended Voyages are shorter global itineraries ranging from 30-100+ days.

The ships Marina and Insignia operate the annual 180-day Around the World cruises. Other ships like Sirena and Nautica may do shorter Extended Voyages.

Yes, Oceania offers the option to book portions or segments of their full World Cruise itineraries lasting 30-90 days.

Fares start around $22,000 per person double occupancy. Main dining, WiFi, gratuities, water, coffee and more are included. Airfare is additional.

Itineraries call on marquee ports across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and more. A wide mix of modern cities, ancient sites, cultures and natural scenery is featured.

World Cruises alternate sea days with port days. You’ll typically have 2-4 days at sea in a row as the ship transitions between regions.  Sometimes more when large oceans are crossed.

Amenities include multiple dining venues, pool/spa, casino, shows, culinary classes, guest lectures and more entertainment.

Your route preference (Suez vs. Panama Canal), timing, departure port, destinations and length of voyage should guide your decision.

Booking 18-24 months in advance ensures best availability, incentives and prices. These sought-after cruises sell out years in advance.

The definition of safe is always relative to each person’s comfort level.  The ports the ship stops at are considered to be widely safe place, but always check with the State Department or CDC for more information about each destination

Each cruise line has different policies.  For Oceania, we suggest you consult their policies

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